Actor Woo Do Hwan Slammed For Uploading ‘Intimate’ Scene With Bona – Netizens React To Controversy

Actor Woo Do Hwan Slammed For Uploading ‘Intimate’ Scene With Bona – Netizens React To Controversy

“I feel bad for Woo Do Hwan…”

Actor Woo Do HwanThe Instagram post received mixed reviews.

Woo Do Hwan | Kyungjae thing

Recently, the actor uploaded photos to his Instagram in a post in which the actor thanked the staff, co-stars and fans for the success of Lawyer Joseon.

I was so scared and nervous about coming back after three years, but the wonderful actors, directors and staff all gave me great strength. I would like to thank the public for giving so much love to someone as weak as me.

— Woo Do Hwan

The actor also uploaded a now-deleted never-before-seen clip of his character in bed with Goodthe character in the drama.

Some Bona fans objected to the post and demanded that he remove the post.

  • “Please remove it. Don’t you think there is a reason the scene was deleted? Please remove it.
  • “My wish is that you delete this message?” »
  • “Why did you post that?…”
  • “Seriously, why did you upload this? »
  • “Ajussi, take that off.”
  • “Please remove this.”

As the issue went viral in online communities, many defended the actor, with fans saying they didn’t understand what the problem was.

  • “I think fans of the drama would like that, so what is it about?”
  • “If you just watched the clip it might seem a bit suggestive, but if you watch the full scene, the two of them look sweet and happy, which makes me happy. I think he revealed that the drama ended with a happy ending.
  • “Why the controversy? Do they accuse him of having posted an intimate scene online? If so, then there should be no actors. He didn’t do anything wrong.
  • “Huh? What’s the matter?”
  • “What’s wrong with that?”
  • “Why is this a problem? »
  • “Why don’t they like it? Is it because she didn’t come out as pretty? Didn’t he just give the fans an extra scene? I don’t know what the problem is.
  • “They make a big deal out of it? For what? It’s not even a kiss scene, ㅠ. My prejudice is also an actor, but I think it’s good.
  • “Why this fuss? What’s wrong with that? »
  • “I feel bad for Woo Do Hwan.”

A rep for the actor responded to the controversy and revealed that Bona had accepted the acting job.

The problematic clip was uploaded after discussing it with the actress (Bona). If there hadn’t been a deal, he couldn’t have had the unedited footage in the first place. He uploaded the clip for fans, but because some weren’t comfortable with the clip, he deleted it.

— Representative of Woo Do Hwan

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