D1Baseball Field of 64 Screenings: May 25 • D1Baseball

D1Baseball Field of 64 Screenings: May 25 • D1Baseball

D1Baseball Field of 64 Screenings: May 25 • D1Baseball

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As conference tournaments are in full swing across the country, we’ll be updating our projections daily through draft Monday. As we get into Thursday’s action, there are two big scenarios: Will the ultra-soft bubble get a little tougher today? Which teams in the 13-16 range will boost their home chances today?

Looking at the top eight seeds, there is no change in terms of eight teams. However, we turned Clemson and Stanford on after both teams won games on Wednesday. The Tigers are five points ahead of the Cardinal and the metrics continue to be in their favor. But again, this is a minor change.

As for the 9-16 hosts, we continue to feel like Auburn and Alabama are helping their jockey positions with impressive performances so far this week at Hoover, while Kentucky remains in the Top 16 with its 2 higher RPI and strong across the board. metric. The Big 12 continues to be a mess with all three contenders – West Virginia, Oklahoma State and Texas – falling into the 20s. The Longhorns could be in the worst position at 27, while OSU and WVU actually play in a playoff game on Thursday. These three teams need wins. We have inserted South Carolina and the State of Indiana. The Gamecocks need to beat A&M this morning to feel confident, while Indiana State is an interesting test. The committee likes the schedule intent, and the Sycamores scheduled the No. 3 non-conference schedule strength to go with a Top 10 RPI. This begs this question: If the state of Indiana can’t host with those two parameters in its favor, when will it host it? With no other contenders standing out right now, the Sycamores could end up in a strong position with more Big 12 carnage today.

The SEC has the most projected offers with 10. The ACC is next with 9, followed by the Big 12 with seven of nine teams in the field. The Pac-12 is next with six offers, while the Sun Belt and Big Ten each have three teams in the field, with the Big West having two at UCSB and UC Irvine. The Colonial is the only other league with multiple bids, and that’s with two in the Northeast and UNC Wilmington (the predicted winner of the automatic bid).

Mark Etheridge, Kendall Rogers and Aaron Fitt assembled the post-season projections. Be sure to check out more post-season analysis with our Daily Post-Season Buzz, here.


Last four in, first four out, from strongest to weakest:

61. UC Irvine
62. Kansas State
63. State of Arizona
64. Our Lady
65. Louisiana
66. State of Texas
67. Xavier

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