Fans have mixed feelings as Karina d’Aespa says goodbye to her blonde hair

Fans have mixed feelings as Karina d’Aespa says goodbye to her blonde hair

It happened earlier than expected.

When aespaIt is Karine was first spotted with what appeared to be blonde hair while filming a music video in early April, fans were thrilled to see the K-Pop idol try out a light-colored hairstyle for the first time of her career.

Karina during the filming of the video for Aespa | Instiz

It was soon confirmed that she had dyed her hair platinum blonde for the band My world promotions, and the look got very mixed reactions. While most agreed that she looked stunning with the color, others thought black hair suited her much better, or that it only looked good on her when she also got a dramatic makeup.

Others worried about the damage the intensive bleaching process would do to her hair. Karina was known for having long, silky, luxurious locks, and bleaching is known to cause some pretty serious hair damage if not properly taken care of. Even Karina herself recently said that she would never dye her hair blonde again after the damage caused by the bleaching process.

But now, only about seven weeks after Karina was first spotted with the faded look, it looks like she’s already reverted to a more comfortable hair color for the latest of the band’s “Spicy” promotions.

For their recent performance at Inkigayo – where they picked up their fourth win for “Spicy” – Karina was once again seen with her usual black hair, matching the dark colors of the rest of the band members.

Some fans think she changed it before their promotions ended due to Aespa’s participation in the 76th Cannes International Film Festival as global ambassadors of Chopard this week.

The subject of her sudden and early hair change was brought up on an online forum, where fans had plenty to say about the entire ordeal. Most seemed to agree that the damage to her hair wasn’t worth the few weeks she was seen with it. Opinions on how the blonde color suited her are more varied, but some wish she could have tried a few other different pastel colors before going back to black, as she said she never wanted to go blonde again.

We hope Karina’s hair can fully recover from going blonde, but she’s still gorgeous no matter what color!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa

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