Here’s a full video of VINNIE PAUL’s home in Arlington, Texas, before it was demolished

Here’s a full video of VINNIE PAUL’s home in Arlington, Texas, before it was demolished

Elite attention to detail Youtube the channel uploaded a “full walkthrough” video of the house that once belonged to the fire PANTHER drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott in Arlington, Texas. The video was filmed before the house was demolished in April 2022, just weeks after it was sold to an anonymous buyer.

Neat elite details written in an accompanying message Youtube video release: “I know this is a little off topic, but I was lucky enough to get a full tour of Vinnie Paulbefore being demolished, in Arlington Texas and I wanted to share this with the fans of PANTHER, DAMAGE PLAN And HELLYEAH. PANTHER was my favorite band growing up so it was a bit surreal to visit this iconic house and I hope you find it as cool as it does to me. RIP Vinnie And Dime!”

Beginning of April 2022, Walker Derek “D-Rock”former promotional director Roll for dimes event, a procession of motorcycles in honor of the late PANTHER guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbotttaken to his Facebook page to share new photos of Vinnie‘s former property, and he included the following message: “Absolutely heartbreaking and heartbreaking. This is what remains of the monument that was Vinnie Paulis at home in Arlington, Texas.

“It was not just a heavy metal landmark, but a staple in PANTHERthe rock and roll legacy of,” he continued. “Sold to private investors to be leveled for new construction. If you were lucky enough to be invited, cherish the memories forever…

“Ironically, the last photo of Vinnie Paul‘s Play House, the ‘Brick Wall’ stands alone.”

While most of the commentators below Walkerexpressed disbelief that the new owners of Vinniethe old house of would take such drastic action that they would demolish the house, Leah Winfieldlongtime wife PANTHER engineer, bassist and friend Sterling Winfieldassured everyone that Vinnie“The estate of “was managed according to his wishes. Heartbreaking at times, but its terms spelled out. Maybe it can help people be a little nicer to those who grant his last wishes.”

Horrible went on to say that “there’s so much that doesn’t need to be public. And it would never be where it was. We can’t go back.” Explaining that her husband is “a beneficiary”, she wrote: “None of this is about the money, contrary to many opinions. And absolutely none of this has been easy.”

In response to winfield, Walker wrote: “I know I’ve always had nothing but love and respect for you all. I’m sure none of the processes were easy to go through. It hurts a lot of us , on many levels, in different ways. Solidifies the end of an era that some of us still refuse to acknowledge. I meant no disrespect and my message was meant to be a heartfelt send-off in my own way. Long live Vinnie Paul the brick wall, and that the legacy of Abbott Brothers stay stronger than anything.”

Vinnie Paul originally designed the 3,784 square foot home, which spanned 1.5 acres and boasted sweeping views of Arlington, downtown Fort Worth, and Las Colinas.

The previous owner of the house, Chris Johnsonco-owner of Texas Best Home Buyers, told the Dallas Morning News that the home sold to the current owner for just under the asking price of $750,000, but declined to give an exact price.

Beginning of February 2022, AVENGED SEVENFOLD singer Mr. Shadows tweeted a purchase plan Vinnie Paul‘s house by creating a decentralized autonomous organization that would allow fans to PANTHER and drummer’s postPANTHER band HELLYEAH to purchase tokens, also known as NFTs, which they would then use to purchase the four-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion. Mr. Shadows said he wanted to preserve Vinniethe inheritance.

“This is where any musician passing through Dallas would come after a long night in Vinniefrom the famous strip club or after the shows. Musicians, actors… you name it… It was like the ‘Graceland of Heavy Metal'” Mr. Shadows tweeted.

Johnston previously told the Dallas Morning News about the property: “I’ve been in real estate for a long time and I’ve never seen anything like this house. It wasn’t built to be a family home. was supposed to be a house party.”

The secluded hilltop home, which was completed in 1995, featured 40+ foot ceilings, four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, two playrooms, and a secret/safe room. The house had four newer, oversized Lennox Elite air conditioning units and a gasoline-powered Generac generator. The back yard featured a large pool with waterfall and a spa that spills into the pool. Two hearths were at each end of the waterfall.

Vinnie died on June 22, 2018 at his other home in Las Vegas at the age of 54. He died of dilated cardiomyopathy, an enlarged heart, as well as severe coronary artery disease. His death was the result of chronic weakening of the heart muscle, which basically means his heart couldn’t pump blood as well as a healthy heart.

Vinnie Paul and his brother dime bag co-founded PANTHER. When PANTHER separated in 2003, they formed DAMAGE PLAN. On December 8, 2004, while performing with DAMAGE PLAN at Villa Alrosa in Columbus, Ohio, dime bag was shot on stage by a troubled schizophrenic who believed members of PANTHER stole his thoughts.

According TMZ, Vinnie Paul left most of his estate to his longtime girlfriend Chelsey Yeager and his best friend; Charles Jones obtained 38% while chelsea left with 37%. The rest was split between Vinnietour manager (10%), drum tech (5%), producer (5%) and friend (5%). Besides, Vinnie showed interest in dime bagthe estate of the guitarist’s longtime girlfriend Rita Haney.

In 1996, Vinnie Paul — whose full name was Vincent Paul Abbott — and his brother opened a strip club in Dallas that became popular with visiting athletes and musicians. When the National Hockey LeagueIt is Dallas Stars won the 1999 Stanley Cupmany of the team’s players then partied at Vinniethe House. According news from mercurya player attempted to throw the Cup into the pool from a balcony but fell short and landed on the concrete leaving a three inch dent that had to be hammered out.

A public memorial to Vinnie Paul took place on July 1, 2018 at Bomb Factory in Dallas, Texas.

To his death, Vinnie remained on silent terms with PANTHER singer Philippe Anselmewhom the drummer indirectly accused of the murder of dime bag.

Shortly before his death, Vinnie laid down the drum tracks for HELLYEAHthe sixth album of, “Welcome to the house”released in September 2019.

Absolutely heartbreaking and heartbreaking. Here’s what’s left of the monument that was Vinnie Paul’s home in…

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