Influencer Reveals How Rich Trainees Can Make Their Way In The K-pop Industry

Influencer Reveals How Rich Trainees Can Make Their Way In The K-pop Industry

The glitz and glamor of the Korean entertainment industry – especially the K-pop industry – has captivated the world through the phenomenon known as “Hallyu wave“, leading many young people to aspire to become K-pop idols.

However, a darker truth is gradually emerging behind the scenes. Influencer Bianca Zhouwho shares his insights with a significant number of online social media outlets, recently shed light on the hidden difficulties faced by aspiring K-pop trainees.

Bianca Zhou is an influencer/TikToker, and she mainly uses her platform to talk about being a K-pop trainee and some of the insider secrets.

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In one of her videos, she talked about some of the idols who are unable to debut despite their talent and ability. In the video titled “5 Reasons Some Interns Never Debut,” the influencer explained, “A person with a lot of sponsorship money walks in and takes his place. This is the worst because it is largely random. But if a very wealthy intern comes along who is usually talented and rather handsome, then the company might take that intern over another intern who has been with the company for a long time simply because that person has the funds to support their debut.”

She added in the caption, “The entertainment industry is all about relationships, and if that intern is involved in a powerful social circle, the company will take notice.”

While there has been greater global attention to the K-pop industry, bringing budding young artists to Korea, there are testimonials that expose the dark side of the industry that discourages these young talents. .

Meanwhile, the old GWSN member Miya also shared her experiences as a K-pop idol. She claimed that she felt like she was in prison while training with the Korean entertainment company. She told a Japanese newspaper that the agency took her money, her free time and even her cellphone. She explained that she was barely able to contact her family and was unable to eat properly due to heavy diet requirements.

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