Jimmy Butler mocked the Celtics with a timeout and brought Boston’s season to the brink

Jimmy Butler mocked the Celtics with a timeout and brought Boston’s season to the brink

Jimmy Butler was telling the world that the Miami Heat were going to win the championship this season even after a 2-5 start. The Heat never really found their groove during the regular season and had to win a playoff game in the play-in tournament just to qualify for the NBA Playoffs as the No. 8 seed. Either way, the Heat have turned into a monster this postseason with Butler as their leader, and now they’re just one win away from sweeping the Boston Celtics and making it to the NBA Finals. .

The Heat beat the Celtics, 128-102, on Sunday in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals to take a 3-0 series lead. Butler finished with a modest line (by his playoff standards) of 16 points, eight rebounds and six assists, but he again controlled the game at both ends and led another knockdown for Miami.

Butler has been talking trash to the Celtics all series, and it continued in Game 3 with a hilarious encore in Game 1. After another bucket of heat to keep the rout going, Butler emphatically called time out for the Celtics. Watch the video here.

You may recall Boston big man Al Horford calling a timeout for the Heat after hitting a big shot in Game 1. Only problem: Horford pulled off that move in the second quarter and Miami won the game. Now, the Celtics’ season could end in embarrassment if they give up Game 4 to the Heat on Tuesday.

Butler has been the best player on the court again this season, and he has a case for being the best player in the playoffs so far this year alongside Nikola Jokic. It’s not enough for Butler to dominate Boston — he also has to talk trash. His timeout gesture is another iconic moment in his playoff lore.

boston fair can’t answer their Jimmy Butler problem. The Celtics’ season is about to end because of this.

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