Johnny Depp performs at the Jeff Beck tribute concert in London

Johnny Depp performs at the Jeff Beck tribute concert in London

Johnny Depp

pays tribute to Jeff Beck

On stage with guitar icons

Johnny Depp did not leave London without paying tribute to his longtime friend and late guitarist, Jeff Beck …performing on the same stage as a year ago, all in his honor.

Johnny took the stage Monday night at the Royal Albert Hall for a tribute concert to Beck, who died earlier this year. Depp was joined by a few rock legends for the show…including Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood, Billy Gibbon, Pierre Joss, Kirk Hammett and more.

The icon-laden gig follows other big moments for Depp – he was just famous at the Cannes Film Festival for his film, “Jeanne du Barry” … and he signed 20 million dollars deal with Dior.

He was in rock star mode, however, in London…wearing a pair of sunglasses, a beret and a jacket with a picture of Beck on the back.

As we pointed out, beck is dead at the age of 78 in January after contracting bacterial meningitis.

The show is the first of 2 tribute concerts, announced by Beck’s wife Sandra and Eric Clapton in March.

And JD’s performance was particularly significant. Remember, Johnny and Jeff actually played together exactly the same place in May last year.

You will remember that they toured together after Johnny’s libel lawsuit against Amber Heard. Actually, Johnny wasn’t in court for the verdict because he had a gig.

Beck and Depp were friends who worked together several times in the studio – they once recorded a cover of John Lennon“Isolation” and released an entire album last year.

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