Just accept it, your favorite successor is a terrible person

Just accept it, your favorite successor is a terrible person

And that’s exactly what makes the show so good.

There is no doubt that no matter what the characters do or say, they will have their fan base. There’s a certain charm about anti-heroes that often makes them even more interesting than heroes, so fans usually don’t miss out.

Especially on a show like Succession, where all the main characters are played by conventionally attractive young adults.

If you’ve been watching Succession from the start, you probably already know that there’s no point in researching the morality behind the characters’ actions.

Although they are deeply hurt, troubled by their parents, and abused to the point of abuse, they are all villains in their own way.

Power-hungry Kendall, with her unhealthy addictions and need to control everything, neglects her children. Shiv is an incredible manipulator who seems to stand up for all the good in the world but is insensitive to everyone but herself.

Roman, perhaps the most evil Nazi supporter, with a soft and emotional side, but always horrible.

The fact that they’re all somewhat likeable in the eyes of the audience is a sign of the incredible work done by the writers and actors.

They may be the worst people you will ever meet, but they are still hurt, tired and devastated people.

Their characters are complex in the sense that you want to sympathize with them, but you also want to slap them sometimes.

This complexity is what doesn’t sit well with Stan’s culture, which seems to leave no room for characters to not be the best versions of themselves.

Characters are not allowed to fail, nor to be morally grey. There’s nothing wrong with supporting someone on the show, but it’s important to acknowledge it as a whole.

One thing that fans generally don’t understand is that the superiority they want in their favorites would actually make them boring and uninspiring.

And no one would be interested in watching a show full of that anyway. Luckily, Succession kept the suspense going until the series finale, which airs on HBO on May 28. Tune in so you don’t miss a thing!

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