Korean netizens are already disgusted by HBO’s ‘The Idol’

Korean netizens are already disgusted by HBO’s ‘The Idol’


Netizens are disgusted by the upcoming HBO series, idol, after a tweet from an American media Variety gone viral.

Jennie (left) and Lily Rose Depp (right) | leqoo

On May 23, Variety tweeted a short review of HBO’s first two episodes. The idolwhich is slated for release on June 4. The series, which features NOIRPINKIt is Jennywas widely anticipated by K-Pop fans and follows the story of an aspiring singer as she navigates the treacherous music industry.

Revenge porn pics of bodily fluids on Lily Rose Depp’s face, masturbation with ice cubes, crooked nightclub owners and vile Hollywood sycophants populated Sam Levinson’s first two episodes. The idol.

– Variety

The tweet has since gone viral in Korean online communities, with many expressing their horror at Variety’s criticism. Many expressed bewilderment as to how a show made up of the scenes depicted could ever make it to production.

  • “Jennie appears in this film? For what?”
  • “Uh, dirty.”
  • “I heard the director and the script for the show was completely changed, so the actors were basically ripped off.”
  • “Uh.”
  • “Is this the movie (series) in which Jennie appears?”
  • “Thanks to that, I don’t think I can listen to The Weeknd’s music anymore… I can’t act like I don’t know anymore. It’s so uncomfortable.
  • “They really have strong stomachs.”
  • “I’m about to vomit.”
  • “Wow..”
  • “What kind of story is this?” Are they mad?

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