This Dude Made A Fake 90s MEGADETH Album In One Day And It’s Pretty Good

This Dude Made A Fake 90s MEGADETH Album In One Day And It’s Pretty Good

YouTuber Bradley Hall sat down to write and save a false integer Megadeth album in one day and it’s pretty solid! With song titles like “Master Of Muppets” and “Hangry Again”, Entrance does a solid job of channeling her inner Dave Mustaine. Doubly with his voice.

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“(Megadeths) scrapbooks rust in peace is hands down my favorite metal album of all time, and while I think albums from the past 20 years are okay, nothing beats those classic 90s albums with my boy Marty Friedman,” said Entrance as transcribed by Metal injection. “So a while ago I thought ‘instead of waiting for Megadeth to stop bothering and write a great album again, why don’t I just do it myself?’

“So I challenged myself to write an entire album in the style of classic Megadeth. To make this monumental task even more interesting, I set myself a deadline of just one day – that’s right, just one 24-hour period to write and record an entire Megadeth album. In addition to proving that I didn’t fake this challenge, I decided to livestream the entire process on my Twitch channel.”

Check out a snippet of the entire writing and recording process above and listen to the full album below.

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